Uncle Sam Plantation VR Experience

An educational project to create an open-source VR experience (for Oculus and Rift) to teach about the history behind the Uncle Sam Plantation in Lousiana. Sponsored by the Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab (GCIEL).

The Motivation: The original Uncle Sam plantation was demolished in 1940, but with VR we can reconstruct a museum-like experience to let current students explore the history behind the plantation. VR offers other distinct advantages, namely it can give students a more physical sense of the plantation's scale while making the experience more accessible (no physical travel necessary).

The Project: The specifics have yet to be determined, but we intend to recreate buildings from the plantation and provide some form of historical guide through the experience, much like a museum tour. Doing so will involve creating digital recreations of the buildings, designing content for students to interact with, and implementing a way for students to progress through the experience.

The Tools: Unity, Blender, Autodesk

My role: Software Developer